Case Management

With Proud Legal, you never have to think twice about locating your case, case documents, messages, and contacts — everything is organized and easily accessible from any web browser or device. Our software provides you the comprehensive case management suite and lets you manage all your documents, files, calendars tasks and related contacts with ease. You can give feedback to your clients at anytime from anywhere. Our breeze reporting lets you see the status of all your cases in just a few clicks.

The software organises all your documents and other important files and data at one place so that you can easily access them anytime, from anywhere in the world. Moreover, this feature also schedules and reminds users of calendar tasks and enables users to give feedbacks to clients via the management suite. Breeze reporting allows access to users and lets them check the status of all their cases swiftly in a few clicks on their device. Needless to say, not only does this feature save a lot of physical efforts and space, but also provides a much more organised, convenient, and easy access to all necessary files.

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Account Management

Proud Legal Account management software is simple, flexible, activity-based billing system solution that automates labour-intensive processes, create Bills, Pay bills, Receipts etc. You can bill your customers for any period of time (monthly, annually) etc.

Proud Legal is the one stop solution offering absolute value to a law professional. Be there an accounting concern or a commercial query, Proud Legal stands here for you! So now let Proud Legal do all the work. Proud legal is well equipped to manage your billing, customize invoices, time track your project, keep a check on the designated industry rules and do much more to your amazement! It is proud legal that is your friend cum secretary cum advisor. So jump on the band wagon of absolutely superb account manager- Proud Legal! So whether you are fretting over legal accounting or fussing over your bills, Proud Legal is universal solution you are looking for.

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Task Management

Proud Legal Task management is the process of managing all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments. It involves planning, testing, tracking, reporting, Appointments, contact information etc. You can add appointments schedule in task management process along with clients case details.

Proud Legal diligently helps one observe each task speedily with thorough perfection. Proud legal helps you manage leads. It supervises the complete process of tracking and managing sales leads- i.e., it supervises from generation of leads and tracks those till the conversion of every lead into a long-term relationship and beyond that. Task management using Proud Legal is just a piece of cake. The software even helps one store the data generated through various processes and use the outputs to compare the efficacy of marketing and sales.

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Staff Management

Proud Legal Staff management is the management of subordinates or lawyers in an organisation. It maintain all records of the lawyers and employees in law firm like personal details, Bank details, leaves etc. You can maintain both lawyers and employee records in a single platform.

Proud Legal puts a great staff management tool at your fingertips. Be it sorting resumes, hiring excellent professionals or managing the staff at any point of time, Proud Legal proffers absolutely new and unique premises to manage employees. Proud Legal helps you execute your strategic planning, arrange employees in groups, administer apt rules into the workforce and work out the planned processes. Proud Legal helps you get all of your employees on one page, collect data regularly, collate attendance, collect data on disbursal and execute innumerable other functions. Proud Legal thus brings in a splendid staff management! In addition to the peripheral features, Proud Legal excels at quite a radical management.

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Client Management

Proud Legal Client Management system is designed in such a manner that clients of the lawyer send and receive case related documents instantly. Client can upload all the documents in the portal and Lawyers will received the same in the case matter, keeping clients up-to-date with less effort than a phone call or send a person to submit documents. Proud Legal case management records and stores all files and pages, so that you have a complete, easily searchable and always available record online. Client can manage every detail of every case from a single dashboard. You can create groups for the clients and manage all contacts.

Client management refers to a lawyer’s interaction with a client and the approach used in building a positive working relationship. A robust relationship management helps to generate ongoing business, client retention and one’s reputation. And thus, Proud Legal offers absolutely superb client management. With Proud Legal, one can easily offer an absolutely worthwhile payment system before clients. The payment system is hassle free and offers variant features to both the payee and the client.

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Library Management

Proud Legal Library Management is the application where you can enter details related to a particular book, magazines, cd-romes, journals etc. It has also a facility where Client after logging in their accounts can see list of books issued and its issue date and return date. It reduces the risk of paper work such as file lost, file damaged and time consuming.

Proud Legal puts the best of the library, right before you to scroll through. Spanning over a cornucopia of books the library customizes the list after your requirement and produces relevant material before you. A user can not just use existing books in the library but also add to the library. One can add books, journals, write-ups, writs, and even CDs to the library and access the same being anywhere in the world. The cloud library feature helps a user access anything from anywhere. Thus one of the immaculately important features of proud legal app is the sophisticated library feature it has. So grab on to the most sophisticated library and put your time to the optimum utilization of it by using Proud Legal.

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Document Management

Proud Legal Document management software creates an electronic filing system for your law firm to store, track, and manage all your legal documents. You can then immediately access your documents through Proud Legal powerful legal practice management platform.

Law firms often complaint about the amount of time and effort needed to file and retrieve documents. It doesn’t take long to outgrow document storage on a local file server or a basic cloud storage. And if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way by storing documents in physical files, maintenance costs and risk of damage from natural disasters or water, fire, humidity or acid, are just too much to take on.

Proud Legal’s document management system software creates an electronic filing system for your law firm to store, track and manage all your legal documents. One can store the legal documents all at one space without the fuss of lumbering while carrying everything around. There is a provision for storing each type of document safely. And thus proud legal helps you secure all your work absolutely efficiently in a paperless manner. A person can thus have efficacy and availability of each of one’s documents at hand.

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Contact Management

Proud Legal Contact Management is the most important aspect of your practice is the people with whom you work. It’s important and necessary to keep track of them, contact them and keep in touch. Proud Legal law suite stores and organizes all contact information for everyone from clients to judges in one location. You can add an unlimited number of additional fields.

Proud Legal helps you manage your contacts with absolute ease and efficacy. Contacts can be stored either on a mobile device or directly in the Proud Legal app; the app synchronizes your contacts. Contacts can be marked, flagged, adaged with notes or synchronized with reminders in the Proud Legal app. Proud Legal incorporates a hassle free contact management. In addition, the application possesses real time internal chat system and thus facilitates a user to chat with clients or other lawyers internally. The internal chat system proffers before one the entire chat to be saved in one thread and compile relevant chats together, thus helping the user tremendously.

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Support & Tools

Proud Legal Support & Tools helps you keep track of user requests, communicate with customers, and deal with other customer support related issues better. Customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.

Support and tools is a feature that comes handy in the entire process of client management. This feature adds up chatting with the client too. Besides this, one can manage data in real time and thus hassles of sharing files multiple times are removed.

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Proud Legal time tracking is collecting payment and everything in between, Proud Legal simplifies an otherwise complicated process with comprehensive end-to-end billing, saving your firm precious time month after month.

Proud Legal captures all your time and billing very easily with our billing services. It let's always have the ability to work on the go and be more productive in the office. It also provides flexibility to generate awesome custom invoices.

With Proud Legal one gets an all-comprehensive customized billing that aggregates all costs viz stamp charges, invoice charges, labour, travelling charges, consultation fees and numerous other expenses. As the app is self-sufficient, one’s billing becomes a hassle free process giving one absolute peace of mind.

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Time Tracking

Proud Legal Time-tracking let's you track time spent on a case. Your work in real-time, ensuring it’s logged accurately for easy billing. It includes Log time entries from calendar events, communication logs, activity updates, and more, so that every task gets accounted.

The app upholds efficient and keen time tracking feature and tracks time during interviews, consultations, indictments, meetings and other such occasions. This feature further helps in maintaining accurate invoices and proper billing. One just needs to click on ‘start’ and ‘end buttons’. The time tracking feature thus adds wonders to one’s experience of the app Proud Legal by being an advanced time tracker. The tracker majorly works like a stop watch but has many added features to a stopwatch. The tracker also pairs the recorded time to a particular account thus assigning it to a particular client. Time tracking feature indeed helps one manage assigning individual timings to clients.

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Document Management

Proud Legal stay organized and on top of your documents with Proud Legal’s robust and easy-to-use legal document management. All the case files and documents can be uploaded and viewed securely anywhere anytime. You can share case documents with your clients or with other company associates.

With Proud Legal, one needn’t fuss around about propriety of documents. The provision of readymade templates for various documents comes absolutely handy while composing respective documents. The provision of templates helps one make documents easily and swiftly. The template obviates the need of laying out a format each single time one is supposed to make a document. One is saved from wasting one’s time of drawing a layout each single time for each single task. The app carries proper pertinent templates for many a concern. There are separate templates for legal notices, documentations, indictments, prosecution, wills and many other things.

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Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is the process of assigning law-related tasks to an external firm (globally) that is able to handle those tasks efficiently. The lawyers have worked alone with papers and pens, legal support services and paralegals have played a very important role in this sector. From legal research to writing legal briefs and meeting the clients on the behalf of lawyers.

Proud Legal extends its features beyond mere mechanical processes. The app is proficient to outsource your task to potent law firms and other lawyers. It works on behalf of lawyers on both the sides of outsourcing. Outsourcing thus becomes easy and handy on using Proud Legal. Proud Legal extends its features beyond mere mechanical processes. The app is proficient to outsource your task to potent law firms and other lawyers. It works on behalf of lawyers on both the sides of outsourcing.

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Internal Chat

Proud legal gives chat option also in which lawyer can chat with the expert lawyers already using the same proud legal software. You can add any topic to discuss with the same industry expert.

Proud Legal enables a lawyer to chat with industry experts, colleagues, team members, fellow lawyers and thus helps attain a dynamic flow of communication. In this profession that requires absolute alacrity and diligence, not a single text can miss your attention and thus Proud Legal helps you stay updated every time. Be it managers, outsources, freelancers, your team or your boss, Proud Legal helps you stay connected to every one without eating in your precious time thus providing a robust backup with all the messages and texts. So now have no fear of losing on messages or information while you fly through flights attend meetings, travel to remote places or just enjoy a vacation. Proud Legal thus gives you a stress-free experience.

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Real-time Notifications

Proud Legal Real-time Notifications system in site so users can receive updates and notifications directly on your website as they happen. This helps to increase user engagement and keep users on your site.

This is quite a useful feature as the users can get instant notifications at both the places- one’s website and in the app. One is thus kept updated of the processes in real time. The feature displays notifications pertinent to respective cases and get updates of those. Many a time has it been noticed that delay in conveying information has caused troubles and loss of precious time and wealth. Delays inundate an experience and practise with hassles and thus must be avoided. Thus, Proud Legal features real time notifications to oust the delays in a process. The real time notification feature hence provides a customized and bespoke experience to a user.

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SMS Alert

Proud Legal SMS notifications are very useful for organization and public safety purposes as well. It is often less time-consuming to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Although some phones are equipped for mobile e-mail and IM services. Every client gets notifications by sms for next date of hearing and regular reminders should be there to get notifications before the due date.

The app has a feature of sending you messages about updates of cases and processes so that you do not miss out on important information. Many a time has it been noticed that important information is missed due to lack of instant conveyance of information. This further causes problems and misunderstandings and smooth functioning of a case could get hampered. Thus, Proud Legal has come up with an absolute solution of instant alerts. The Proud Legal SMS system has system provided a solution in the form of SMS intimating a user about every detail. This SMS alert is absolutely diligent and gives prompt reliable service. One can thus rely on Proud Legal and thereafter stop worrying about management of tasks or fulfilment of duties. Neither does one require to keep checking one’s phone or laptop nor does one need to fuss about anything.

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Legal Calendar

Legal Calendar enables lawyers to anticipate scheduling conflicts, track important deadlines, and compare cases side by side. Keep your to-do list organized and your practice on track with Proud legal powerful legal calendar software. You can easily create, track, update and assign tasks to others. You can assign due dates and stay on top of them as deadlines approach. View your calendar directly from a daily, weekly and monthly perspective.

The app features an absolute event tracking calendar for every case so that one doesn’t miss a single detail of any event. Legal calendar helps one stay up-to-date and manage numerous cases at a time. The legal calendar helps a person track every event, assign tasks to other colleagues, remember dates and have reminders for those dates and important events, remember and bookmark important information and do much more all the while sitting at a place, using just one’s phone, tablet or computer. The legal calendar further is handy while discussing issues, listening to alibis, sitting through indictments, listening to court hearings and doing much more instantly and quickly.

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Access Anywhere

Proud Legal suite provides you the feasibility to run your practice efficiently from any place and on any device i.e mobile, tablet, PC. With no setup or maintenance required, Proud Legal organizes your practice in the efficient, simplest and intuitive way. Proud Legal is a next-generation cloud solution built with the highest security standards that gives you freedom to work the way you want to.

This versatile app gives you prompt access from any device and any place with internet connection. Your documents, important tasks, important work travel with you. A user can access anything anytime. A user can use the app features in a manner that he or she likes. Thus, one can record a conversation, calculate the fees, charge a client, draw bills. receive a payment from anywhere anytime. The user can access the key features like time tracking, billing, support and tools, drafting documents, templates according to one’s convenience. Further the access can be customized according to the lawyer or entrepreneur and used in a bespoke manner to suit one’s style of working.

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Events & Schedule

Proud Legal provides you calendaring at both the individual and firm level. You can see and add all your events just at the one click of your mouse. With the easy to use calendar and reminder system, stay ahead and on top of your schedule. Get notified of all your case posting dates, meetings, appointments and events.

Proud Legal suite Calendar view lets you view all open tasks across all cases and matters. Check your colleagues workloads to stay on top of your firms’ productivity. You even have the ability to automatically generate a specific set of predetermined tasks for each new matter. With Proud Legal suite, you’ll stay on-track and never miss another to-do.

Proud Legal helps you organise your events and meetings and keeps a track of those. Proud Legal helps organising a detailed schedule for the events, consultations and more. Be it any event; be it a legal process or judicial, be that a mere birthday party of a colleague or a meeting of lawyers of a firm, Proud Legal helps you stay updated and alert about the upcoming events. Proud Legal makes sure a user never forgets an important day. The reminders can be customized depending upon the user. Proud legal above all gives an ensemble customized satiating experience to a user.

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